Unchipped Melody

Unchipped Melody

And maybe a piccolo playing fairy screaming
Just imagine some violas behind him and you get the idea

OK, I know I said I wouldn’t be posting between Christmas and New Year’s, but this little bit of news is just too awesome:

It’s a special kind of game that manages to capture a gamer’s imagination so expertly that over a decade after it’s release players can still hum the musical score by memory. Ocarina of Time on the N64 was exactly that kind of game, and a team of very clever fans have been working for a long time now on a re-recording of the soundtrack.

The folks involved call themselves the Zelda Reorchestrated project, as just in time to give everyone one last Christmas present, they’ve put the finishing touches on the final tracks that make up the entire soundtrack and released it upon the unsuspecting world.

In essence they’ve resampled the entire game’s score with an orchestra. It’s taken a team of five around six years and approximately $20,000 worth of samples to complete. The result will strike nostalgia into even the most casual of Nintendo gamers, it’s just fantastic.

And in the true holiday spirit, they’re not even asking for anything in return, it’s purely a work of respect for the original title. That said, if you like what they’ve done, there’s nothing stopping you from kicking in a few spare dollars for the effort. I’ve heard worse causes to donate to!

Head on over and check it out. The website is a little shaky at the moment (probably due to the unexpected flood of Zelda fans) but there are also a series of mirrors in case the site is down, which I’ll list here for just such an occassion:

Mirrors One, Two and Three. It’s also available via RapidShare or Torrent.

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