Lifestyle changes can cure heartburn.Acid reflux diets, wedge pillows, adjustable beds all fight the symptoms of GERD.

Lifestyle changes can cure heartburn.Acid reflux diets, wedge pillows, adjustable beds all fight the symptoms of GERD.

acid reflux diets

Acid reflux diets

Lifestyle changes are imperative if you have acid reflux disease. If you suffer heartburn on a regular basis you should be looking at acid reflux diets as a way of reducing the amount of stomach acid you produce.

If heartburn is an ever present part of you life, it can be very damaging and will make you utterly miserable ona regular basis, seeing your doctor should be the first thing onyour to do list. He may prescribe acid reflux medicine and send you for tests, but if his diagnosis is that you have gastroesophageal reflux disease, GERD for short then you need a change of lifestyle before this chronic symptom gets any worse. Your doctor will advise you on some lifestyle changes you will need to do for heartburn relief. But there are also many sources of help outside your doctor’s realm of influence.

Heartburn in the Modern World

In today’s modern world the faster pace of living means that the eating habits we have mean acid reflux symptoms are on the rise, and one of the causes of GERD through bad eating habits is excess weight. Obesity puts extra pressure on your stomach and diaphragm. It forces open the lower easophageal sphincter; the valve separates the stomach from the esophagus. This allows acid reflux were the stomach acid enters your esophagus causing heartburn or worse esophagitis. By eating acid reflux diet meals you should not only lose weight but also calm stomach inflammation and reduce stomach acid.

Acid Reflux Food To Eat

Eating acid reflux diet foods will help but another lifestyle change is to eat smaller portions on a more regular basis. You should also look at which foods you eat according to its tendency to create acid, which foods irritate the gastric lining of the stomach and which foods can relax the muscles of the lower easophageal sphincter. Some of the foods acid reflux disease diets that can be included

Grains: - multigrain breads, brown and white rice, couscous, oatmeal and bran based cereals

Cheese: - Feta, goats cheese, fat free sour cream, Soya cheese.

Meats: - extra lean ground beef, chicken breast without skin, turkey.

Fats/sweets: - baked potato ships, fat free cookies, red liquorice, low fat salad dressings

Also egg whites, fresh fish, baked beans, pasta, and certain fruits and vegetables.

There are a lot of other foods to help in managing acid reflux disease, you can try by trial and error which foods work for you and keep a record of the ones that give you heartburn as some folk have less tolerance to certain foods.

Other foods you can eat to avoid acid reflux but with caution are:-

Muffins, granola cereal, low fat cottage cheese and cheddar cheese. Also ham, nuts, peanut butter, low fat cookies, ketchup.

Acid Reflux Foods To Avoid

There are a lot of people who have intolerance to certain foods such as dairy products that can trigger acid reflux symptoms. Whole milk should be avoided.

Fast foods eaten on the run are a major contributor to acid reflux disease. Eating food in a rushed environment means you do not chew properly which makes them harder to digest. They are also loaded with sugar and fats which cause heartburn.

Foods to avoid with acid reflux include:-

Peppermint, spearmint, chocolate, fatty and fried foods, carbonated drinks and alcohol. These foods can relax the LES causing heartburn

Although I have mentioned peppermint as a food that can cause heartburn, peppermint leaves are used as a natural cure for stomach ailment. They can soothe the symptoms associated with irritable bowel and candidiasis.

Some of the foods that cause acid reflux include:-

Tomatoes and tomato based foods, citrus juices, dairy products like butter and whole milk, garlic, onions, flower products, spicy foods, coffee and alcohol.

The above foods stimulate the production of stomach acid and promote heartburn. Substances like coffee can irritate the stomach lining.Changing you eating habits and using acid reflux diet foods may not cure acid reflux completely, but avoiding foods that cause acid reflux can have a dramatic effect on your lifestyle.

Acid reflux tips

Some tips to fight against GERD include drinking plenty of water on a regular basis throughout the day but try not to drink much while eating. Drinking water will help to dilute stomach acid. Eating slowly and chewing your food aids digestion.

Chewing gum can reduce stomach acid. Chewing produces saliva. Saliva contains bicarbonate a natural neutraliser of acid. When you swallow it eases irritation of the esophagus, it also makes the stomach less acidic helping prevent the onset of heartburn.

Another lifestyle change is to raise your chest area on an incline when going to bed. By using a wedge pillow or a bed wedge the incline you will be lying at will help to prevent acid reflux symptoms at night. By the law of gravity lying on an incline will allow the stomach acid to naturally down into the lower stomach instead of refluxing into the esophagus.

Wearing tight fitting clothes also puts pressure on the LES causing acid reflux. The increased pressure on the stomach can force stomach acid back into the esophagus.

There are many natural cures in the fight against GERD. Going on an apple cider vinegar diet being one such cure. Finding information on apple cider vinegar is not hard. It is well documented that taking apple cider vinegar can have an advantageous effect on your heartburn. You can either buy a bottle and take two tablespoons three times a day diluted in water or you can buy apple cider vinegar in capsules from health stores.

It has been said that about 97% of acid reflux heartburn symptoms can be relieved through natural remedies. Below I have documents some of these resources that can aid you if you take a holistic way of fighting GERD, there are also books on acid reflux diets listed.

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