100th Birthday - Forget Fad Fitness

100th Birthday - Forget Fad Fitness

You Don''t Need to be Popular to be Fit

Crazy busy day. This morning both big bear and I made it to the gym. I made it to a 9:30 boxing class on a Saturday which was great. I like classes where I don’t have any obligations afterwards or risk making myself really tired in the morning.

After an incredibly productive morning that also included a trip to the bank and the Loft to get a discount on a shirt I paid full price for we made a quick stop in to our downstairs neighbors 100th birthday, did our engagement shoot #2, met with the pastor that will be marrying us and had dinner at the restaurant that out engagement dinner will be at.

Best License Plate of the Day

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Growing up I had a weight problem. I was one those kids that was contributing to the “childhood obesity epidemic.” After choosing to make a change, I made significant progress in high school and lost over 50lbs. It hasn’t been without bumps in the road over the past ten plus years, but I’ve been dedicated to living a healthier life ever since and now I want to help others too.

Forget Fad Fitness is meant to be honest and positive while cutting through all the confusing, contradicting and painfully awful fitness and nutrition trends that are out there.

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