15 Coping Skills for Stress

15 Coping Skills for Stress

Here are 15 healthy positive coping skill exercises you should incorporate as habits in your life for relieving stress. Print them out and then post them in an area you will see while having a stressful episode.

Go to the list and read them one-by-one until you find the one that will work for you. These are healthy alternatives to the hurtful behavior we use to cope. These 15 habits of coping will redirect your mind from the crisis you are in at the moment.

Coping With Depression-Anxiety

1. Change your surroundings. Go for a long walk at the mall, on walking trails or at the park.

2. Turn on some happy, feel good music to uplift your spirits. Avoid using angry music, since it will compound any negative feelings you are trying to overcome.

3. Get some support. Call, text or email a supportive family member or friend. Make sure they are supportive, since there are times when family or friends may think they are helpful, when actually they cause us even more feelings that are hurtful. Find that person you can trust and talk with them.

4. Hold your own laugh fest, by collecting your most funny movies on DVD or video and then watch them until you do feel better.

5. Treat yourself to something special. When you are feeling down, treat yourself to something that will make you feel better. Perhaps, something that takes you to happier time.

6. Take yourself out to lunch or invite a friend to go with you. I use to invite one of my best friends to breakfast. It was nice, because she was my one true friend I could trust and who I looked to for support. We always had a good visit.

7. Play a board or card game with yourself or a friend/family member. Even a computer game can be fun! This will help direct your mind away from what is upsetting you.

8. Read a novel or other great non-therapy book. Take a break for reading therapy books. Allow a good book to transport you to another place and time while you read. You have permission to take a therapy break when you need it.

9. Get you feelings out by journaling or drawing. This is an all time favorite of many individuals. You can write anything you feel or the experiences you are going through. You can choose to keep it private or you may want to share it in therapy. Drawing is a great release. You may want to get your own color crayons or pencils to work with.

10. Enjoy the unconditional love of a pet. Play with your pet or sit with them and feel the love. Take your dog for a walk, pet your cat and listen to it purr. You can even watch fish and gain serenity and peace.

11. Go for a relaxing bike ride on a riding trail. Most of the trails are hidden away from the roads and can transport you to another world. Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature!

12. Join a gym. Not only can this help you with changing your surroundings, but it would be doing something good for yourself. Exercise is excellent for depression and anxiety!

13. Do some volunteer work at your local hospital or nursing home. You will be useful as well as have the opportunity to help others. Volunteering always feels good!

14. Join a support group, either locally or online. You might try this to see how it works for you, some individuals become overwhelmed. You must be the judge for this suggestion. You may want to try it, however listen to your inner voice as to whether it is a good idea for you personally.

15. Do a puzzle by yourself or with a friend or family member. Puzzles can be so much fun. You can choose a little one you can finish in one sitting or a larger one that you can come back to later.

When you feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts and feelings, you will find that these coping skills exercises can be most beneficial to you. Print this out and then pencil in any of your ideas for coping with stress. Remember to post them somewhere that you will see them when you are experiencing a hard time, as they can be very resourceful for you.

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