Steph's Weight Loss Story

Steph's Weight Loss Story

Steph''s Weight Loss Story

How I shed 43 LBs and kept it off!Fri, 21 Nov 2008 01:32:53 +0000 I finally lost 43 lbs with 2 Free Products and kept it off, 20 Nov 2008 20:09:17 +0000Steph a lot of people aren’t reading my full story and emailing me about how I lost all the weight. Well here are the two free samples that helped me get the body I wanted:

Please read my story if you want to learn more about my weight loss story.

“I couldn’t believe how many pounds I had dropped in just 14 days” (14 days into my diet I had lost 13 lbs)

This is me at my biggest.

My name is Steph Gower and I am writing this blog to share my recent weight loss success story. I am now 46 and have struggled with my weight all my life. beforeafter I tried all the “brand-name” diets like Atkins, South Beach, cabbage (my least favorite), soup, lemon juice. You name it, I tried it. I was what you would call a yo-yo dieter; I would starve myself on the latest diet losing some weight in the process only to have it come right back and then some when I couldn’t take the diet anymore.

Now that I am 46 it seems gets harder for me to lose weight at all. I thought I’m not 22 anymore so I thought I wouldn’t lose this weight ever which is another reason I was so amazed by my results.

So here’s how it all began, I was watching Oprah on the day she was showcasing super foods. Her guest was Dr. Oz and he began to talk about a super berry that helps people lose weight. This would be the berry that would eventually be responsible for me transforming my body and my life, the name is the acai berry.

I had no idea what the berry was, where to get it or what it did. At this point I am sitting straight up in my chair hanging on every word of the Oprah program. It turns out that this berry has 10 times more powerful antioxidants than red grapes and more than 30 times more than red wine. Not bad for a little purple Brazilian rain forest berry, I thought. The bottom line is that this berry reduces your hunger, while increasing your energy.

After listening to the rest of the Oprah show one thing was clear; I had to try some acai berry.

I started looking online for acai right after the show, ordered it ($65 at the time) and waited impatiently for it to arrive. I found it and it wasn’t cheap, but it has been more than worth the cost (EDIT thanks to my reader Chelsie you can get FREE Acai Samples here).

That’s not all though, the second and equally important part of losing my weight was another product called colon cleanse. Now, I don’t like going in to too much detail about this, because I don’t exactly enjoy talking about my colon on the world wide web.

But I will say that the cleanse was an absolute must for me getting the body I wanted in such a short period of time. Like acai I saw this on a talk show with Dr. Oz. He was talking about how your colon can become backed up and act like a bottle neck for your system. This makes losing weight extremely difficult.

So here I am watching this tv show when it dawns on me: if I’m serious about losing weight with acai why don’t I try the colon cleanse as well for better chances of getting down to the size I want. Turns out I wasn’t the first person to put these two together and many others just like me are having amazing success with it!

Enough about me and my story here’s how acai and colon cleanse really work:

Boosts your All natural and healthy

Controls your hunger throughout the day

Gave me more feel good energy, not the jittery kind

I don’t want soda or coffee anymore, the acai gives me all the boost I need

The berry supplement comes in a small capsule just like any other vitamin. The acai was my first step to losing weight and a major part of my success.

These is a now a promotion for free samples of acai here, it’s for new customers wanting to try it. You only have to pay a $5 shipping cost, but they only give away a limited amount each day so you may have to check a few times to get the free sample.

The colon cleansing is just as important as the acai, but for different reasons. The acai helps you shed pounds both quickly and healthily. The colon cleanse undoes the damage from the years of the past. This makes losing the weight much quicker and you generally feel a lot more fresh and healthy.

Here’s what Colon Cleanse does:

Removes harmful toxins and nasty build up from your stomach

Pushes out on the walls, and peels away spackled sludge from your colon

Lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol

Lose a few inches around your waste, by pushing out the build up

It comes in the same form as the acai, a small capsule. I was lucky enough to receive a free sample of colon cleanse from this website (I had to pay $5 shipping), and last time I checked they were still offering the promotion here.

I honestly am in love with the new me. I am no longer self conscious at social events or when I wear a bathing suit on vacations. My husband agrees that I look great, and he lets me know! Now I even get the urge to show off a little bit, I know I’m 46 but who cares I look so good now.

Here are the two free samples again:

This is me at my biggest.

I hope my story can help you get the body you want and deserve!

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to ask.