Fibretrim - Natural High Fibre Drink Mix

Fibretrim - Natural High Fibre Drink Mix

Losing weight can often be a hunger fuelled chore not to mention demoralising when all your hard work, effort and improved eating habits don''t provide you with the results you were expecting.

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There are a wealth of different weight loss products available to aid in your weight loss journey – diet pills are a classic example – however very few deliver results and for those that don''t wish to take a pill, the amount of choice has been, up until, been rather limiting.

Leading the way is a revolutionary new weight loss drinkFibretrim. It tastes just like a glass of orange and mango squash however provides the start of your day with a way to reduce your hunger.

This feeling of satiety (or fullness) having taken Fibretrim means you''ll feel less hungry and hence (on average) will mean you''ll consume 200 calories less at lunch time – that''s 27% less calories!

So why is Fibretrim so effective?

First and foremost Fibretrim contains the ingredients found in Zotrim; a hugely popular and clinically proven weight loss supplement.

Zotrim''s unique and proven blend of ingredients – Yerba Mate, Guarana and Damiana extracts – have been tested and proven to be an effective and natural weight loss supplement in more than 8 clinical studies!

Now in liquid form and paired with Inulin, Fibretrim has been acknowledge in a validated study carried out by the University of Liverpool.

What is Inulin?

Inulin is a dietary fibre and a prebiotic. When the ingredients of Fibretrim reach your digestive system, Inulin feeds the good bacteria (known as Probiotics) helping your body to maintain a healthy gut.

We''re advised to take 24 grams of dietary fibre every day BUT most of us don''t get close to that. Every serving of Fibretrim contains 5 grams of dietary fibre helping you to reach that 24 gram target.

Inulin itself has also been shown to increase satiety and result in modest weight loss. Now we''ve shown that when combined with Zotrim the combination can be much more effective.

Why is Fibretrim the best weight loss drink?

Reduces hunger

Cuts calorie intake

Increases dietary fibre intake

Contains Prebiotics to help maintain a healthy digestive system

Has the same antioxidant levels as green tea

Includes the proven Zotrim formula

More recently the University of Liverpool undertook a controlled and thorough study of Zotrim (the formula included in Fibretrim) and the findings were unanimous with medical experts stating that "Zotrim is the only non-medical proven weight loss product on the market to be confirmed as a weight loss aid with sound scientific proof.".

No other weight loss drink comes close. Fibretrim is truly in a league of its own!

Buy Fibretrim today!

Fibretrim is only available from the official Fibretrim website and costs £24.95 for a single pack, 20 sachet supply.

Start your weight loss journey today in the knowledge that you''re taking a safe, natural and effective weight loss drink that will help you shed those unwanted pounds whilst making you feel fuller for longer.